Outdoor Dog First Aid Courses for Dogs who Love Adventures!

Outdoor Dog First Aid Courses for Dogs who Love Adventures!

First Aid Training for Owners of Adventurous Dogs!

If you have a dog that enjoys going onto the moor, into the hills, to the crag, on the river or even surfing at the beach, then this is the course for you! The content of the Outdoor Dog First Aid course is the same as the ProTrainings Dog First Aid but the focus is on practical examples specifically relevant to the outdoor context.

If your dog is ill or injured a few hours away from the nearest vet then the first aid situation changes and your actions will make a crucial difference to your dog’s survival and recovery. Similarly, the potential hazards change when you’re away from the urban environment and being able to recognise and prevent problems is vital.

Outdoor Charnock
This course covers a range of first aid topics so that you know what to do before the vet can take over, from poisoning, hypothermia, heat stroke, fractures and bleeding wounds through to dealing with drowning and how to give cpr! This course is a comprehensive overview of illnesses and injuries together with the opportunity to view and discuss equipment that can be used to protect and/or treat your dog in a outdoor first aid context. Most importantly you get the chance to practice your skills in a friendly, encouraging atmosphere.

The Outdoor Dog First Aid course is approximately 4-5hrs and contains a mix of theory and practical exercises. Upon successful completion you will be sent a nationally recognised ProTrainings Pet First Aid Certificate which is valid for 3years. After the course you will also be able download a free student manual and opt to receive free a weekly refresher video to help to keep your skills up to date. When you book this and one of the VIXON Climbing Outdoor First Aid courses (for humans) you’ll be entitled to a 10% discount!

One of the best bits about our courses is that they are arranged specifically for you. The courses are booked on a date and time that suits you and can take place in your home or work place – in other words no more waiting for course dates or juggling commitments, we bring the course to you! You can choose to do the course on your own or you can get a group of you together and share the costs.

Quick Facts about our Outdoor Dog First Aid Courses

4-5hr Practical Training Course
Central Focus is Dog First Aid in the Outdoor Context
Comprehensive Coverage of Illnesses & Injuries
Nationally Recognised Certificate Valid for 3yrs
Endorsed by Training Qualifications UK (TQUK)
CPR Practice on Dog Training Manikins
Bandaging Practice on Model Dogs
Free Dog First Aid Manual
Free Weekly Refresher Videos Available
Additional Online Course Available
10% Discount Available if you also book a VIXON Climbing Outdoor First Aid Course
Arranged on a date and in a location that suits you!
Cost: £180 for one person and £20 per additional person(s) plus travel expenses depending on your location – So you can either have coaching on your own at £180 or you can get a group of you together and share the costs! For example, for a group of 4 the cost would work out at just £65 each.

Outdoor Dog First Aid Training Detailed Course Content

Zara at the CragSafety equipment and clothing options for the outdoor dog
Methods of carrying and transporting your dog in the outdoors
Particular hazards to be aware of in the outdoor context
Recognising and preventing hypothermia and hyperthermia
Considerations for paw protection over different terrain
Preparing for long distance adventures
Use of outdoor equipment for dog first aid purposes


Introduction to canine first aid
The vet and your role in first aid
Keeping your pet safe in an emergency
Dog in a BoatCar accidents
Pet proofing your home
How pets show pain
Checking your pet’s health
Breathing and respiratory problems including choking
Drowning and treatment
Broken bones and spinal injury
Moving an injured pet
Medical conditions, seizures and epilepsy
Controlling bleeding dealing with shock
Dressings and bandages
Paw problems
Zara in a BoatEars, eyes and mouth
Bandaging the ear
Bandaging the tail
Digestive process & vomiting
Burns and temperature problems
Snake bites, insect stings and ticks
The older dog and puppies
Dogs and fireworks
Dog first aid kits
Travelling abroad with your dog
Summary of dog first aid

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If you would like to arrange a course, please get in touch and let us know where you would like your course to take place. Don’t forget we can also arrange courses for groups and organisations.

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